24. February 2021

Phylosophy and Rules


The inner arts teach unconditional kindness, maintain well-tried norms and traditional values in dealing with people. This also applies to the martial arts and the inner struggle for one’s own perfection that is realized through them.

The philosophy of Explosive Wing Chun pursues the aim of promoting this Wing Chun lineage according to the tradition of Dr. Leung Jan to preserve and re-illuminate the knowledge and ability with his profound philosophy. 

Durch die Übertragung und Anwendung der Trainingsmethoden und Weisheiten auf den Alltag, verleiht Explosives Wing Chun somit nicht nur die Fähigkeit, eine physische Auseinandersetzung erfolgreich zu bestehen, sondern dient insbesondere auch dem Erlangen einer körperlichen, seelischen und geistigen Sicherheit in allen Lebenslagen.

This makes the Explosive Wing Chun System a way of life – a philosophy of life whose enthusiasm and fascination are difficult to escape.


The profound and true knowledge of Wing Chun was and is very highly respected in China and treated with great awe. The real knowledge of the system is transmitted exclusively from generation to generation, often only to a selected and secret group. As a result, it is understandable that certain behavioral norms of the students must be the principle of teaching:

1.Every student must be on time for class. If, in exceptional cases, being late cannot be avoided, apologize to the master before entering the classroom.

2. Always be helpful to your classmates and be respectful of higher graduates. Never criticize other martial arts and their teachers.

3. Questions and discussions among students during class must also be avoided to ensure attention and minimize the risk of injury.

4. Correct behavior begins with the right manners, including addressing the master and his teacher. Addressing a master by his name is extremely impolite and even disrespectful. Therefore this has to be included Master or Sifu, his teachers Sihing be addressed.

As a sign of respect for the master and the tradition he respects, he is greeted by a classic gesture. This is customary when entering and leaving the classroom, at the beginning and at the end of the lesson, and after each correction.


The school rules regulate the behavior of all students of our Explosive Wing Chun School, inside and outside of this classroom. It serves as an aid for the individual and for the community in order to grant mutual respect and humanity.

Their rules apply to all students and are recognized by all students and teachers

1. Every student must be on time for class. If, in exceptional cases, being late cannot be avoided, apologize to the master before entering the classroom.

2. Always be helpful to your classmates and be respectful of higher graduates. Never criticize other martial arts and their teachers.

3. Always practice only what you have been shown and what is part of your teaching program. After the appropriate preparation time and with the approval of the master, they take an exam. Only then will you be instructed in new teaching programs.

4. Only train in proper clothing (kung fu suit) with the appropriate graduation badge.

5. Behave during the lesson in such a way that there is no risk of injury to you as well as to others. The wearing of chains, bracelets, rings or other jewelry is strictly prohibited. Exercising under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs is strictly prohibited!

6. If you are not a teacher of the Explosive Wing Chun School, you are prohibited from instructing (non-) members in the techniques of the Explosive Wing Chun School. Please note that you may only use the techniques taught in an emergency situation.

7. Everyone always pays attention to order and cleanliness in all rooms of the Explosives Wing Chun School

8. In the event of a culpable violation of the school rules and / or the training rules by the member, disciplinary measures (up to 4 weeks from the house etc.) can be imposed.

The Explosives Wing Chun School represents the venerable and respectful traditions of the old Shaolin masters.

We do not behave like in a western sports club, but follow the rules and traditions of the old doctrine.

Accordingly, even if they may seem unusual at first, adhere to these principles.


Martial art, as it already resembles the name, is an art and by no means a sporting exercise, as it is understood in the West as an expression of physical culture. However, at the moment it is hardly possible to find an authentic martial art in this sense.

The traditional forms have long been and will continue to be changed or passed on incorrectly.

Old established principles are “reinterpreted” and thus often watered down and devalued

For this reason, a new assessment of the importance of martial arts is developing, which is determined by the desire to impress and supposedly increase one’s own prestige through success in questionable competitions. Such contentless guiding principles are not compatible with the principles of internal martial arts.

In addition to mastering the body, the mind must also be trained and disciplined in order not only to control the opponent, but primarily to achieve a victory over oneself and thereby develop one’s personality.

Understood in this way, the concept of inner art implies a deep empathy for teaching, a broad spectrum of knowledge, but also character training, ethical awareness and familiarity with fundamental values and norms. It must therefore be permissible to ask how systems are to be judged from this aspect that demand unconditional aggressiveness in combat from their supporters.

The reputation of the martial arts, but above all the martial arts, is increasingly being affected, because today most styles have degenerated into mere physical activity. It is therefore not surprising that almost no one can practice this sport into old age without being affected by injuries or permanent damage. On the other hand, masters of the internal martial arts become more and more efficient in the course of their lives, without these unpleasant side effects.