24. February 2021

Chi Gong



„Cultivation of Inner Energy“

Chi gong is a method that makes it possible to gain energy to support the vital functions of the body and to compensate for the losses caused by exhaustion in everyday life.

As soon as we move, speak, do physical or mental work, energy is lost. In the long run, the human body is weakened by the increasing loss of energy, tired and thus loses the ability to ward off disease-causing factors. That is why people need more and more energy from year to year in order to be able to put a stop to this weakening process.

In our school, practitioners are led into silence through unique Chi Gong movements. In this meditative state, an increasingly noticeable electromagnetic field builds up around and in your own body. The body’s energy flow (chi) is set in motion, energetic and physical blockages are released.

The state of stillness is a goal pursued in all spiritual traditions. Self-cultivation and self-knowledge are revealed through meditative silence. Our special exercises offer those interested the opportunity to start their own journey relatively quickly and easily in this silence.

You can already perceive deep relaxation and increased well-being the first time. Through regular practice, healing begins on a spiritual, energetic and physical level.