24. Februar 2021

Explosives Wing Chun


„Is a self-contained and complete system“

It contains the three inner „soft“ combat systems


This also includes meditations, energy theory, weapon combat, ground combat, form theory and a resulting philosophy of life.

All these areas work in and with each other and form a perfect symbiosis – a coherent and self-contained system.

At that time, which was marked by betrayal and disputes, one could not thoughtlessly pass this valuable knowledge on to anyone. Over the centuries there has been fragmentation and change.

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Wir unterrichten Wing Chun in seiner ursprünglichen, unveränderten Form und legen großen Wert auf die Übermittlung der authentischen Inhalte und Erkenntnisse der alten Meister.

These methods and techniques enable the learner to make enormous personal progress in a short period of time. They become more elastic, more flexible and at the same time hard as „steel“.

In addition, they learn to move at lightning speed in every direction and to supply their explosive blows with inner strength.

Here softness and hardness are combined. All movements are uniformly linked and carried out continuously so that there is no direct beginning or end of an action

 You are welcome to find out from us how the transmission of the contents of this authentic Wing Chun teaching can improve your personal martial arts skills (speed, explosiveness and strength) and how your health is permanently preserved.

With this in mind, we offer you our free trial training to get to know each other.