28. February 2021




„A system full of grace and determination“

In our school of Explosives Wing Chun in Munich we teach the traditional weapon fighting systems of Wing Chun. The weapons doctrine is structured systematically and forms an indispensable part of this unique doctrine. Even if the use of these weapon systems is not used in modern times, they serve to train and develop certain properties for the practitioner.

Short stick – double short stick

The short stick is considered the mother of all weapons. This weapon enables us to practice the various distances (infight, long distance) from a middle distance. The practitioner learns to develop tactical and strategic skills in the flow.

Long stick

The long stick enables it to control the forces acting on the body and to bring them into balance. The perception of certain laws leads to the development of mental abilities.


By practicing with the sword regularly, one is able, like a phoenix, to see and see through everything very clearly. The body becomes soft and supple through the gentle movements.


Above all, the spear is used to develop accuracy. Regular practice trains attributes such as, patience and perseverance.

Knife – double knife

A system full of grace and determination, coupled with humility and security.