“I have found a new family” – Sascha G., management consultant

I decided to join the Shaolin School in Munich, and thus to learn the martial art of explosive Wing Chun, out of the conviction that I would like to develop myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Even as a child I had a close relationship with martial arts, which I had practiced over a period of 3 years. In the last few years of my studies I had occupied myself more with Qi Gong and meditation, and subconsciously embarked on a path to self-knowledge.

This path led me to the Shaolin School in Munich, of which I have been a member for around 1.5 years and have so far achieved the 4th grade.

I have only had very positive experiences so far. On the one hand, great physical progress: explosiveness, punching power, coordination and endurance had improved extremely after a very short time, to a degree that I myself had hardly hoped to expect.

On the other hand, I have found a new family: this part is very difficult to put into words. Still, I’ll try as best I can. I was integrated into the group from the start. The atmosphere and interaction with one another was and is always respectful and warm-hearted. There are no “bat” or “ego trip” types that are usually associated with martial arts, but real training partners who are keen to encourage and advance you. This solidarity was reflected, among other things, in the joint construction of the new school: everyone tackled the move! Everyone had the opportunity to influence the design of the new school in order to build something together. I respect and appreciate our masters to a very high degree for making this possible for us students.

It’s a lot of fun to get into training. I learn something new every hour. Every hour my motivation to push my limits increases even more; to become even faster, more precise, smoother and stronger. After every training session, I feel more alive, more energetic, more clear and lighter in body and mind.

This leads me to my experience with the energetic aspect of the system, one that has completely convinced me so far. This part is probably even harder to put into words than the previous one, and even harder to use non-esoteric descriptions. Therefore I will keep it short and emphasize the most important aspect for me: what one believes to be the truth; who you think you are, who you think you will be, you will stop believing and begin to know. With this knowledge, all doors of this world are open to you.

~ Sascha G., management consultant