“I just feel balanced, happy and very grateful” – Orsolya L., physiotherapist teacher

I came to the Shaolin School in Munich to develop intensively in Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, energy work, deep relaxation and meditation.

But I found much more, an overall healing concept (explosive Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung) in a family atmosphere, which changed my life.

Due to health problems, I had problems with my muscles. As a result, I almost had to give up my job as a physiotherapist forever.

(Just as an idea for the reader, before I started training in Shaolin school, I could barely walk for an hour at a time without experiencing muscular pain.)

At first I found it difficult to get through the training at all. I was stiff, immobile and felt very uncoordinated and awkward compared to other members who had only been attending school regularly for only two or three months.

In the first six months, I increasingly gained in quality of life. I was not only able to move again without pain and had stamina and improved concentration, but in the short time I became almost as fit as I used to be in competitive sports (Modern Pentathlon: swimming, running, riding, shooting and fencing), which I did until I was 18 . Years of life have operated very intensively.

Some time has now passed. My development is far from over, it is only just beginning!

I was a realist and until now only believed what could be scientifically proven. Unfortunately, I can only describe my development externally, but I feel that internal progressive processes cause my movements to soften. The result is noticeable in my speed, coordination and increase in clout.

It is a flowing, uniform movement that is a lot of fun. Very nice and fast movements push you to your performance limits without encountering your inner weaker self. In this system, body, mind and soul are in harmony.

I want to get back to the “realist” at this point.

I think about how exactly one can express the meaning of the depth and the extent of a system in words and do justice to this system.

I come to the conclusion: Words cannot express what one can achieve through this system, what wonderful experiences one makes in the silent meditations and how one can perceive life differently and, above all, more vividly through different perspectives.

Exactly these experiences and inner developments become noticeable to outsiders over time.

In this way, I am perceived as a haven of peace in my surroundings, can do my work more efficiently and in less time, and I simply have a cheerful attitude towards life.

In other words: I just feel balanced, happy and very grateful!

You could say that it is a paradox, a realist who tries to tell about the incomprehensible out of conviction. Therefore, I can only recommend trying this system of internal martial arts yourself and experiencing it yourself.

~ Orsolya L., physiotherapist, teacher