24. Februar 2021

Children Training

Children Trainings


„Promote the physical and mental abilities of your child“

In our children’s training, we attach particular importance to careful and long-term training. We not only support the physical development, but also the spiritual maturation of your child.Far from the general pressure to perform, realistic self-defense is learned. Freedom from injury, discipline and respectful interaction play an overriding role.

The training is individually and optimally tailored to the age and ability of the children and thus ensures a motivating atmosphere and a good balance for everyday school life. Each lesson builds on each other and enables the young students to make targeted progress.


In addition, exams to obtain individual degrees are possible! We have developed a special exam program for children for this purpose. This makes it possible for the little ones to get a new graduation in a playful way.

It is precisely these experiences, feelings of achievement, that strengthen self-confidence and allow children to surpass themselves.

Numerous responses even confirm a positive countermeasure for exam fears.

The following characteristics are particularly encouraged in the classroom:

  •  Motor skills (coordination, flexibility, strength)
  • Perception (optical, acoustic and tactile)
  • Body awareness (posture, breathing, tension / relaxation)
  • Psychosocial ability (social skills, integration in groups)
  • Perseverance

We notice the following effects on every child:

  • Improve motor skills
  • Increased attention
  • Growing self-confidence, self-esteem and courage
  • Respect and respect for others
  • Better posture
  • Better health