Welcome in our Wing Chun school

Thank you for your interest and cordially invite you to study our website. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information about Explosives Wing Chun and our academy.

With us you train in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, according to the traditional rules of the old Shaolin masters.
Explosive Wing Chun is a self-contained system. Due to the fact that it can be learned quickly, the first progress can be made after weeks / months and encourage you to deal more and more deeply with this system.

Let yourself be inspired by the content of the centuries-old martial art and visit us for a free trial training session! Our affordable contributions and a unique opportunity to get to know each other offer everyone the opportunity to become part of our family.


Have you ever wondered how you can escape everyday life? Or you are already looking for a balance.

Do you want to live your life and not just watch it go by in front of your eyes?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In order to bring your body, soul and spirit into harmony, we have perfected martial arts and health studies for you in a holistic system! Here your senses are stimulated with steady and spiral-shaped, fast movements, well-founded self-defense techniques, body theory and meditations. Your coordination, attention, ability to concentrate and endurance will improve very quickly, so that your body fills itself with life again and circling thoughts pause! We welcome you in the here and now – we welcome you to Explosives Wing Chun in Munich!

In our powerful, harmonious and energy-filled rooms, thanks to the fact that they can be learned quickly, even those who focus more on self-defense or learning a martial art will get their money’s worth.

Development stages in Explosives Wing Chun


After just 3 months After just 6 months After just 9 months
ability to produce explosive punch     Perception of inner strength is already rudimentarily developed high performance and fighting ability
increase in impact force at least 30% clearly visible and noticeable improvement in combat ability and health Increase in impact force at least 50%
higher performance in everyday life



Einmalige Lehre mit Kurzstock, Langstock, Schwert, Messer und Doppelmesser

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Die körperliche und geistige Fähigkeiten Ihres Kindes fördern- das Selbstwertgefühl und das Selbstvertrauen stärken

Training hours

Monday 19:00 – 20:00 h Explosives Wing Chun
Tuesday 17:30 – 18:30 h

19:00 – 19:45 h

20:15 – 21:00 h

Children Training

Explosives Wing Chun

Tai Chi Chuan

Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 h Explosives Wing Chun-Weapon Training


17:00 – 18:30 h

19:00 – 20:00 h

20:15 – 21:15 h

Children Training

Explosives Wing Chun

Chi Gong

Monthly Pricing

  • Children up to 12 years
    45,00 €
  • Students
    50,00 €
  • Adults

    65,00 €

  • Private and Elite training
    send a request

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Always stay up to date!

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